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Wise words by Ruth van Soom

Selfedge was launched in 2010 by Mischa Hengeveld, a local from Amsterdam who decided to make the big move to Antwerp. After having gained experience in retail and wholesale he thought it was about time to start his own adventure. Since 2012 his showroom is established in a light and cosy loft in the middle of the Kloosterstraat. A dynamic location, surrounded by a variety of shops and close to both the city center and the southern part of Antwerp.

At the Selfedge showroom Mischa offers an international mix of brands who deserve to have their spot in the Benelux market. He respresents established labels but also newcomers with a strong identity. On the one hand there are Colorful Standard and sneaker brand Garment Project that show an elaborate male and female collection. Then there’s the menswear section with Blue deGenes and TheGoodpeople. Selfedge also represents a variety of accessorie brands such as Le Specs shades and the fun A-dam boxers brand from Amsterdam.

Constantly exploring the market and building a long-term relationship with the customers is of great importance at Selfedge. Let’s say that Mischa runs his showroom with a lot of energy and a touch of rock ’n roll!